How to Maintain Your Rugs? 

Rugs are an ideal addition and investment to your house that can be utilized to add to your home’s ambiance, create elegance, offer artistry, produce beauty, protect the floors of your house, and define space.  


Rugs that are properly cleaned speak a lot about you and can greatly influence the perspective of a person about you. However, rugs also set a great aesthetic standard needing a unique standard of care.  

Today, we’re going to share with you tips on how to maintain your rug, from routine rug cleaning to the regular rotation. 

Airing Out Your Rug 

Enabling the rug to absorb moisture will lead to an extremely devastating impact in the form of mildew and mold. You should avoid moisture buildup and lower the rug’s odor by hanging out the rug to dry for several hours every several months.  

Expert Cleaning 

You need to hire an expert to clean the rug in between 3-5 years. This will help avoid the accumulation of dirt and soil. It also helps rejuvenate the rug’s natural fibers. Hiring an expert rug cleaning can help improve the rug’s lifespan. Thus, you can ensure to maintain its quality and achieve the comfort that you desire.  

Altering Pathways 

You have to guarantee that your furniture is occasionally rearranged to avoid one area of a rug wearing down. Over the span of fewer than 6 months, you’ve got to create a new pathway. This will enable the rugs to evenly wear and improve its lifespan. 

Utilize Padding 

Put padding under the rugs. This will help them stay stable, lower wrinkles, and protect the shape of the rug. Also, placing padding under the rug will improve the value of the rug and make it comfortable and safer to utilize.  

Spot Cleaning 

Rugs can develop stains easily. This is particularly true if you don’t perform spot cleaning if a spill happens over them. The stain should be dabbed first using a dry cloth. This will help absorb the liquid. You should not use bleach, soap, or common cleaning items over the rugs. This can cause a lot of damage to the fibers of your rug. When it comes to cleaning stains on the rugs, only utilize water. Talk to an expert cleaning who specializes in rug cleaning if water doesn’t get rid of the stain. This will help you guarantee an effective and safe rug stain removal.  

Routine Vacuuming 

Just like your carpetrugs will also need routine vacuuming. It stops the natural fibers of the rugs from getting packed down by excess traffic. In addition to that, it also avoids any tears or runs in the fibers of your rugs.  

Routine Rotation 

While there might be professionals who claim that a rug only has to be rotated every 1-2 years. It will be ideal to aim for rotating them every month. This is particularly true if your rug is installed in a place that obtains high traffic. Rotating them will help distribute even wear. It also offers the rug a uniform look to keep its value and appearance.