How to Achieve a Low-Maintenance Landscape? 

Having a beautiful landscape is one of the biggest dreams of every homeowner. Unfortunately, most landscapes require a lot of time and effort to maintain. This is where a low-maintenance landscape comes in. From the name itself, low-maintenance landscapes need little-to-no effort to maintain their attractiveness and health.  

You can achieve a low-maintenance landscape with the help of strategic landscape additions. Today, there are a lot of tips on the internet on how to achieve a low-maintenance landscape. You can also hire a professional landscaping St Catharines company for help.  

Here are some basic tips on how to achieve a low-maintenance landscape: 

Create a Low-Maintenance Landscape with the Help of Ground Covers 

Usually, mulch is made up of wood chips from multiple tree species. Other popular forms of mulching materials are pine straw and rocks. These ground covers will act as a protective barrier around your trees and for your landscape beds. 

Every form of ground cover comes with unique advantages. For example, rocks will not shift in the wind. Rocks also won’t degrade over time. Thus, you can use rocks as ground covers for several years.  

Keep in mind that every type of mulch provides universal advantages. These advantages help lower maintenance needs for your landscaping. This includes: 

  • Protection Against Severe Temperature 

Temperatures can get extremely hot during summer. However, mulch offers enough shade to help preserve moisture in the soil and protect plant roots.  

  • Makes Your Garden More Appealing 

Ground covers come in different colors, styles, and types to improve the beauty of your landscape.  

  • Lowers the Possibility of Soil Erosion 

A regular 3-inch layer of mulch will stop rainwater from washing and shifting the soil. 

  • Prevents the Growth of Weed 

Weeds need sunlight to grow. Ground covers, such as mulch, will cover the soil. This lowers the amount of sunlight that penetrates the ground. Your mulch will suffocate them if weeds try to sprout.  

Choose Native Plants 

For those who don’t know, native plants can easily adapt to their environment. Aside from that, they do not need much attention or time. They share a mutual relationship with the local wildlife and environment without your help. This relationship was formed thousands of years ago. During that time, the plants evolve and learn how to survive in a particular region and adapt to its rainfall, possible pest infestation, soil, and climate.  

Here are several reasons why you should choose native plants for your low-maintenance landscape: 

  • They have excellent resistance to local weather. 
  • They can crowd out weeds. 
  • They typically require less water. 
  • They don’t need pesticides or fertilizers. 

Reasons to Have a Low-Maintenance Landscape 

Taking care of and maintaining a landscape requires a lot of time and effort. A lot of homeowners find it extremely overwhelming. That is why most of them have lawns that look neglected.  

A low-maintenance landscape saves money, effort, and time when it comes to shrub pruning, tree pruning, gardening, and lawn care. Aside from that, it also helps conserve water. For example, you will not require frequent watering if you have drought-tolerant plants.