Antique DOLLAND TELESCOPE circa-1800

Dolland, George (b. Jan. 25, 1774, London, Eng.--d. May 13, 1852, London)


A bit of history;

British optician who invented a number of precision instruments used in astronomy, geodesy, and navigation.
Throughout most of his life, he worked for the family firm of mathematical instrument makers, assuming full control after the retirement in 1819 of his uncle Peter Dollond. His micrometer made of rock crystal, announced in 1821, was used by the English astronomer William Rutter Dawes in measuring close double stars. Other inventions followed, including improvements to astronomical and navigation devices. Dollond received the council medal of the Great Exhibition of 1851 for his atmospheric recorder that simultaneously measured and recorded on paper tape temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, evaporation, and electrical phenomena.






This telescope has certainly be used for navigation (note; the wear and tear on it), its total length is 36",lens =1"7/16 and in total it has 4 lenses? (maybe more) build in.

The angle of view is a bit over 1.6 degree, (29 yards view over 1000 yards).

Middle section of the telescope has a few tiny dents in it and that prevents it to collapse completely.

I've bought this telescope at the Persian gulf, date? and city?
  The history behind this telescope is just a guess.

Markings on the telescope: "DOLLAND LONDON, day or night and #23 "

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