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What do we eat tonight?


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From a burger and cookies to obesity

Getting fat
Well, my live has changed; I've noticed that my trousers were getting tight and my BMI (Body Mass Index) showed that I’m, no not overweight but obese, you can call it also fat, plump, corpulent, tubby, flabby or any other word that you don’t want to be called.

Easy living.
I didn't know anything about food, except of that greasy, high in cholesterol and salty food you buy from a fast food outlet, greasy spoon or prepackaged from the store-shelf, all you had to do is shove it in the microwave and hit start.

Loosing weight
Yes, tell me about it, it's difficult to loose weight; therefore, I started this section to motivate myself to eat healthier and maybe it’s beneficial for you too.

If you want to have a look at your own BMI (Body Mass Index), select metric or imperial


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