If you want to connect with your audience, there are a lot of forms of videos you can incorporate. Today, we are going to talk about some of the most popular forms of videos that you can utilize to improve sales and drive engagement.  


However, you should not feel like you’ve got to do every single one of these at once. You should pick 1 or 2 forms of video if your company is not doing any video content as of today. Then, you should give it a try before you try several videos at once.  

So, before you hire a Niagara media company for your video production, here are some video types to consider: 

Social Media Videos 

A couple of video content is specifically made for social media. This includes channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and much more. You need to produce videos that are appealing, bold, and short. Also, they require captions since most users watch videos with muted audio.  

You can include project demos, content to accompany a blog post, product videos, and testimonial videos for social media.  

If you’re making a video for social media, you need to consider what parts of your target audience are on which channels and applications. Next, target them. You’ve got to ensure that any video you make meets the limits and specifications of that platform.  

3D Motion Graphics and Animations 

Animations aren’t just for children. They are a great tool for audiences made up of adults as well. Offering details via an upbeat, this type of video can be an ideal approach to teach a group of individuals. However, it’s crucial to know that people are acquainted with seeing high-quality animation. Thus, viewers will not engage if yours look low or cheap in quality.  

This type of video can be particularly successful for explainer videos. These videos explain a crucial process or concept of your business. 

Time-lapse Videos 

A time-lapse video shows an order of events. However, it’s sped up to make a long process short. For instance, you probably have seen a video of a flower dying, blooming, or sprouting in 10 seconds.  

Since these videos are enjoyable to watch, they drive the engagement of the viewer. A lot of various forms of time-lapse videos exist. However, a couple of the most common ones include storytelling, instructional, manufacturing, and nature videos.  

You might require unique apps, tools, and cameras to produce the time-lapse content you’re planning to create. However, you might be able to simply utilize your phone.  

Video content drives engagement when it comes to marketing. Of course, engagement improves sales. When it comes to training, video content produces a more knowledgeable staff that can improve client sales and satisfaction. 

To make things simple, it is extremely crucial for your company to have video content. You’ve got a chance to interact with potential clients in compelling and new ways. You can capture their attention using video, music, words, and photos. Then, provide them an obtainable call-to-action. It can be hitting the share button, calling you, or purchasing something.