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The home handyman

"Bright Ideas" and it's professional advisors will answer/advise the DIY to make the right decisions to repairs, renovations, interior decoration, security, landscaping, your hobbies and many more subjects.


An invitation to the professional!

Home maintenance, renovation and improvement

Are you interested in giving our visitor’s information about home improvement and related subjects? then please read on.

Articles submitted to us have to be informative without promoting a particular product, about 100 to 1000 words and preferably only 1 subject (this makes searching for information easer), submit as many articles you want.

Articles will be credited to the author and linked to his/her web site, which without doubt, increase your visitor count and Google’s page-rank.


We are looking for the following original articles;

  • Bathroom renovation, design, Floor & wall tile, Taps, Shower stalls, plumbing etc.
  • Kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, Lights, Floor heating etc.
  • Interior design , living room, bed room, closet organizers, window coverings etc.
  • Floors, wood, vinyl and carpet floor coverings, floor heating
  • Home heating, all the traditional heating devices, heat pumps, radiant floor, passive and active solar heating.
  • Electrical work; From changing a light bulb to rewire a home
  • Energy savings; Tips on energy saving, Lights, Appliances, Insulation, weather stripping etc.
  • Plumbing; Plumbing tips, Installation of sink, toilet etc.
  • Windows and doors; Installing door and windows, Maintenance, etc.
  • Home security; Locks, Alarm systems, Window barriers, etc.
  • Landscaping; Garden tips, Trees and shrubs
  • Painting; Wall preparation, Selection of brush or roller etc.
  • Paint and wall paper; Which paint to use and tips on how to use, How to wallpaper and tips.
  • Safety; Electrical, smoke and fire detectors.
  • Roofing; Repairs, Gutters etc.







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