Don't get sucked into MLS listings


The deceitfulness of real estate agents/brokers.






As we all know some Real Estate Agents or Brokers offer MLS listings, which is a complete scam only to get the money out of your pocket, and why, there is a tremendous competition between For Sale by Owner sites and the (so called) Real estate establishment, the sense of seeing there profits dwindling get them scared and they invent other sources of income.

MLS listings are sold for as low as $500 to $1500 or even more.

Let me explain what they are upto;

They say;

"Your property is listed on the MLS for all the members of the Real Estate Board and others to see."

Yes it's listed on MLS but no Real Estate agent will give you any help selling your property, and why? There is no commission involved in this, you have only listed your property without giving an incentive to an agent to show your property to their clients, the only thing what you get out of this is a tremendous amount of SPAM from real estate agents who will tell you "yes I have a client who is interested in your home but you have to signup first with me so I can collect my commission"

They say;

"Your home is posted on premium Real Estate Website (I've dropped their name) which gets almost 1 million hits a month."

This is a very dishonest way of calculating traffic to their web site, a hit is every single picture, link and other art, which is presented on your web browser when you open a page. For example, my listing page has about 50 hits or more while it's counted as only 1 page view. So their claim of having 1 million hits works out to about 4000 visitors a month and your page might not even have been seen.

They say;

"FSBOs- those sellers who want to be adventurous and sell privately, can advertise their houses, condominiums or businesses absolutely FREE on several of our web sites. FSBOs can even have a FREE website and FREE hosting for their property or business . The process is simple and the website will go live within seconds of filling a simple text form."

How is it possible that a Real Estate comp. offer FSBO, you don't think there is an alternative motive? My advice; take advantage of this only if you are standing real strong in your shoes and consider every Email that you get from them as SPAM, they are trying to win you over to list with them and by submitting your property to their web site they have your permission to contact you.

They say;

"You provide access to your property to the buyers and their agents."

If you list only MLS with a Real Estate office (anywhere from 500 to $1500) all you get is a listing, not one agent will show your property to a buyer because there is no money in it for them.

My advice;

Take everything in your own hands and save the 5% Real Estate commission.